Foundational Statement

When Lesley-Anne Leighton first met Jesus, the Lord told her that she was a rough diamond in His Hand, a honed diamond in the making. Diadem in Greek means, ‘crown’. A crown does not have just one diamond, but many diamonds. Like this crown, Diadem International is a multi-faceted ministry.

Isaiah 62:3: “You will be a crown of splendour in the Lord’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God.”


To enable the Bride of Christ to enter her destiny for the glory of God to be seen in all the earth.


Diadem International partners with individuals and communities of the beloved body of Christ to prepare, enable and equip them in bringing transformation in societies and cultures all over the world.


1. To partner with local churches and communities around the world for training and equipping the body of Christ in order to encourage and serve those communities through itinerant ministry.

2. To teach, train and equip missionaries through the establishment of Holy Given schools around the world, partnering with local churches and communities.

3. To train, equip and send planting teams to various Holy Given school locations around the world to set up new ministries and support those already functioning.

4. To train, equip and empower national leaders.

5. To enable the research, recording and publishing of books to further inform and transform the body of Christ.

6. To empower the poor and marginalized through:

• Education
• Economical Empowerment
• Interfaith Dialogue
• Women and Children’s Health-care
• Legal support and shelter for victims

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