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St Stephen’s University will provide 15 credit hours (5 courses or one semester) of transfer credit toward SSU’s new degree programs in International Studies for successful completion of the Holy Given School program in missions. Current and recent HGS students are now eligible for this block transfer credit when they apply to these specific programs. Officially these programs begin Sept 2008, but HGS students and graduates are welcome to apply now to begin in January 2008 (Applications are available on line at www.ssu.ca).

Please go to www.ssu.ca for further information which may help Holy Given students and graduates who are seeking higher education and international studies after their HG School experience. Students may have advanced standing in these programs (both Bachelor of International Studies and BA International Studies) for an approved International Internship term.

Holy Given School Transfer Credit is available for these new programs:

The BA (International Studies) is a 4 year degree including a Study Abroad semester in SE Asia (a Faculty led program through Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand) and an International Internship, for which HGS now qualifies.

The Bachelor of International Studies (BIS) is an applied degree which includes two years of study at SSU, the Asia Study Abroad semester, the International Internship semester, plus one year of community college training. This degree is a 3+1 type program (3 years of university plus 1 year of community college). These types of programs are well established in Canada to allow articulation for students between Community Colleges and Universities. A program of study previously taken at a community college will normally qualify for transfer credit. Students entering the BIS without community college may attend our local New Brunswick Community College or arrange to study elsewhere if they prefer.

Students entering SSU with HGS transfer credit may complete either BA (International Studies) or BIS requirements.

Ideally, an International Internship program done at HGS would include an extended outreach at the end of the classroom period, but this is not necessary for students or graduates who wish to transfer from HGS programs completed before Dec 2007 (they are “grandfathered”). Normally, SSU would require completion of the classroom requirements plus a 2-3 week outreach (practical application of learning) and keeping a journal, which may be shared with a supervisor, to record and reflect on experiences.

SSU would like to make HGS a partner in our International Studies programs. Students from SSU who are not suited for internships in Africa or who prefer to intern elsewhere will be allowed other options, as approved by SSU.

Web: www.ssu.ca
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