Core Values


• Intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ
• Willingness to lay down our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and for others
• Dependence on God, living and moving and having our being in Him. He alone meets all needs for satisfaction
• Empowerment and ministry led by Holy Spirit
• Exercising our spiritual gifts and creativity
• Living in the fullness of the Kingdom of God here-and-now whilst also recognizing its full consummation when the Lord Jesus Christ returns


• The establishment and application of sound biblical principles as a foundation for missionary practice
• The raising up of believers, training them to serve in God’s end-time army and to advance His Kingdom across the globe
• Teaching that reflects the diversity of gifts and embraces all levels of education and literacy
• God’s redeeming love for His world and His people which inspires us to participate in His mission


• Incarnational living which reflects what we believe in the way we live
• Transparent godly relationships and interdependence in ministry
• Mutual accountability in cultivating and using the spiritual and practical resources God provides
• Working together in equal partnership with diverse churches and ministries across the body of Christ

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